Logging what ECO does

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Peter Morris sent me a sample and it contained a nice section that send all ECO sql-logs to the Output window in VS2010.

Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogSql = true;
Eco.Logging.EcoListener.Singleton.OnTraceLog += (sender, args) =>
        System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(Thread.CurrentThread.Name + ":" + args.Message);

Since Peter does this kind of things all the time he probably thinks nothing of it – but I want to mention it here for my own reference at least  Ler

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  1. wangwei says:

    I set logswitches as below:
    ” Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogPMapper = true;
    Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogRegions = true;
    Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogSql = true;
    Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogOcl = true;

    but, I can’t find any log info except sql .

    and another question ,I want to know the client IP (use wcf pserver),how can do?
    thank you!

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