BoringPredictable Troubleshoot


Go to Admin area/Info and errors


#1 Check Database connectivity: Expected result: “Success of open Data Source=|DataDirectory|DatabaseCompact.sdf ”

If you get a callstack you have issues with accessing the database and nothing will work.

#2 You can try to create new database “Create new DatabaseCompact.sdf”; this will fail if there is a file already – go to file explorer and remove old file…

#3 Suppose you install a new version and the new version needs another DB-Schema: “Evolve admin database” – if no change is needed it says: “Evolve success ”, if the was an evolve it will explain what the evolve was. BACKUP YOUR DB FIRST – I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR STUFF THAT YOU DO!


If all is fine this far – try “Check Get of Admin EcoSpace”. Expected result: “Success of open AppCompleteGenericEcoSpace.Borrow ”. If you get a callstack the admin database is not working and nothing will work. Go back to #2.

If all is fine this far – try “Check Get of EcoSpace for A0”. Expected result: “Success of open ServicesLogic.GetEcoSpaceX(‘A0’) ”. If you get a callstack it might be because you do not have a model in slot A0 yet. If you do have a model in slot A0 – is the database created? Does the app point out the correct model version? Is it started? Read about this in how to add model.

Browser apps will not start

One issue that you might see when having ECO installed is a conflict with assemblies ECO added to the GAC and the assemblies downloaded by the BrowserApp. The browserApp does not GAC assemblies – but GAC’ed assemblies have precedence. The correct way to solve this is to issue new version numbers on all ECO assemblies for every build – but we will not do that since it would force you to update your references like crazy. Solve this by getting a fresh ECO version and a Fresh BoringPredictableServer.

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