BoringPredictable – how to add model


Go to Admin Area/ Admin Browser App

You will get a warning about dangerous apps – ok it – you can trust me.


You will get something like this – if I have not made it look nicer yet:


You can Add an Application. Each application needs to have its Database identity slot A0-A2. So currently you can only have 3 apps live at any given time in one BoringPredictableServer.

Every application has a CurrentVersion. You cannot change a version once it has reached the state “Database updated” – but you can add new versions.

You must upload an AppComplete Modlr file in order to get a version running. The AppComplete evaluation will do the trick. If you have an Eco-model you can open the EcoMdl in Appcomplete and Save as a Modlr-file.

Suppose you have this model:



Save it and load into a new version in BoringPredictable:


Then we “Check Model” and the ApplicationVersion comes to state “ModelVerified”:


But the “Evolve Model” and “ReCreate DB” are disabled – this because the Application is still in state “Started”.

Pause the app and press “ReCreate DB” – the version goes into state “RequestServerCreateDatabase”:


We need to sit back and wait for the server (your BoringPredictableServer) to perform this action:

When it is done:


Now we can use the new version and start the application, and save:


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