BoringPredictable – how to add model


Go to Admin Area/ Admin Browser App

You will get a warning about dangerous apps – ok it – you can trust me.


You will get something like this – if I have not made it look nicer yet:


You can Add an Application. Each application needs to have its Database identity slot A0-A2. So currently you can only have 3 apps live at any given time in one BoringPredictableServer.

Every application has a CurrentVersion. You cannot change a version once it has reached the state “Database updated” – but you can add new versions.

You must upload an AppComplete Modlr file in order to get a version running. The AppComplete evaluation will do the trick. If you have an Eco-model you can open the EcoMdl in Appcomplete and Save as a Modlr-file.

Suppose you have this model:



Save it and load into a new version in BoringPredictable:


Then we “Check Model” and the ApplicationVersion comes to state “ModelVerified”:


But the “Evolve Model” and “ReCreate DB” are disabled – this because the Application is still in state “Started”.

Pause the app and press “ReCreate DB” – the version goes into state “RequestServerCreateDatabase”:


We need to sit back and wait for the server (your BoringPredictableServer) to perform this action:

When it is done:


Now we can use the new version and start the application, and save:


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4 Responses to BoringPredictable – how to add model

  1. guest00 says:

    not clear instructions. I use BPS in IIS Express, can play with BrowserAppAppCompleteGenericAdmin.xbap and upload the model from AppComplete but AC Application Version state is always in “CheckModel”.
    any ideas?
    BTW, can not use forum – some runtime errors.
    + did you close BPS topic?
    Thank you

  2. Admin says:

    We are working on the forum issue.
    You must pass check model in order to get to Evolve model – and you app must be paused… Is it still “started” maybe?

  3. guest00 says:

    Database identity: A2
    State: Paused
    AC Application version state: CheckModel…

    Might be I made not correect installation of the BPS?
    I just unzip AppCompleteGeneric.PServerIis folder and run BPS using
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express>iisexpress.exe /path:C:\AppCompleteGener
    ic.PServerIis\ /port:9090”

  4. seg says:

    Problem with WPF:
    All pages on BoringPredictable opens normally, except for those with WPFs (Admin Browser App…). Error: “Trust Not Granted”.
    For me this problem occurs only on BoringPreditstable pages.
    On other sites – pages with WPFs open normally.
    For example
    – Ok for me.

    Help please!

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