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Information hygiene

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – Information hygiene Everything starts up small – and some things never stops to grow. Pretty soon you have a big system on your hands that needs to send data here and there … Continue reading

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Type mapping, OR-Mapping

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – Type mapping, OR-Mapping When modeling you can use any type name for attribute types. This name is what we call a “Common name”. When ECO is given the model and tries to … Continue reading

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Logging what ECO does

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki –

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BoringPredictable functions

Suppose you have this model:   And this ViewModel with placing hints : And some actions: And that you have loaded it into BoringPredictableServer like explained here into slot A0 in the database. Then you can use the services of … Continue reading

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BoringPredictable – how to add model

Go to Admin Area/ Admin Browser App You will get a warning about dangerous apps – ok it – you can trust me. You will get something like this – if I have not made it look nicer yet: You … Continue reading

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BoringPredictable Troubleshoot

Go to Admin area/Info and errors #1 Check Database connectivity: Expected result: “Success of open Data Source=|DataDirectory|DatabaseCompact.sdf ” If you get a callstack you have issues with accessing the database and nothing will work. #2 You can try to create … Continue reading

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