Boring and Predictable

I want stuff to be predictable – but something that is predictable is inherently boring.

The thing is that no one wants to be boring or predictable– so the tools that we create are filled with options and settings to fit in any conceivable environment.  This is a typical engineering “sickness”. Engineers do cool stuff with products – but ever so often render products too complex to actually come to use.

I want a predictable tool to support me in solving real life problems – without any hassle – without hundredths of options and choices.

I want it to start like a new car – and I want it to be as predictable as a car.

Even if the car is predictable – I am sure I can have lots of fun with it. The sass should come from what I use it for.

This is the main-theme for our new product


This is what BoringPredictableServer does:

1. Upload Models from AppComplete

2. Start the Model up (Wroom!)

  • Now you can get objects from the server in Json-format, you can update Json objects sent in.
  • You can use AutoForms to see the objects.
  • You can use WECPOF apps to work with the objects.

And that is pretty much it.

So what should you use it for? I am not going to tell you – I am sure you will figure something out Ler

Beta download: BoringPredictable The download is a zip that contains the files needed for Web Deployment Tool


Since we are humble and do not know if this particular product is “what the market wants” we start carefully.

These things below we want to add as soon as possible:

1. Authentication – ability to point out a user class in your model to check users and roles

2. Ability to upload Eco-code so that the serverside actions of BoringPredictableServer executes it

3. Ability to connect and standard ECO app to a BorPred-server

4. Remove the need for full .net4 for BorPred-WPF-Apps

5. Ability to give alternate connectionstring per application so that apps use other database than SqlCe

6. Ability to point a reverse-engineered model to its legacy database and use BorPred to access it

7. Ability to upload EcoSilvelight and EcoAndroid apps to BorPred so that PorBred can service phone apps by its own

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