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… If you have ideas on what you want the ECO framework to do and you have a business case that requires it NOW you should not just post the idea to the forum and hope for the best. What you should do is this:

  1. Describe the feature to YOUR stakeholders
  2. Ask us for an estimate for adding the feature to the framework – if we think it is a good idea we will provide an estimate. If we do not think it is a good idea we will tell you why.
  3. If your stakeholders accept this price and understand that the resulting work will be part of the framework and not their own (no exclusivity) you order the extension from us.
  4. We make it a priority to create the feature and deliver it (fixed price according to estimate) as a new ECO release 
  5. You, as the financer, get the first versions to verify that this is what you ordered and it matches your needs.

Voila a new feature has been added to the ECO framework for everyone to enjoy.

We call this strategy “User paid extensions”. Use it – it works.

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