Smart phones and Model driven development

Sales: ECO is a model driven framework that helps you construct complex and detailed software as fast as you can think – with high maintainability and only “think-bugs” no “code-bugs”.

Client: Cool.

Sales: ECO also helps you to persist your object oriented information on the server – using the database of your liking.

Sales: ECO does this by providing WCF communication from the client to the persistence mapper placed on the server with a generic WCF interface.

Sales: ECO allows you to query the local domain cache of objects AND the persistent storage (the database) with LINQ and OCL (Object Constraint Language).

Client: Cool.

Client: How do I get that that app on to the phones?

This is how


ECO can run on WindowsPhone 7.1 (Mango), you need windows phone SDK for 7.1  for this.

And with the use of Xamarin Mono for Android (trial download will suffice until you want to deploy) ECO also runs on Android phones.

The ECO-assemblies needed for WindowsPhone and Android are not part of the standard ECO-installation, they are in this zip

You will also find this on the download page.

You also need a late release of ECO6 for VisualStudio 2010, also on the download page.

The model we use for the phone samples is this:




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