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This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – MonoAndroid I really love MonoAndroid! I got an email from Joseph Hill at Xamarin – asking if we had tested ECO in this environment – I replied that we had glanced at … Continue reading

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Smart phones and Model driven development

Sales: ECO is a model driven framework that helps you construct complex and detailed software as fast as you can think – with high maintainability and only “think-bugs” no “code-bugs”. Client: Cool. Sales: ECO also helps you to persist your … Continue reading

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This article was moved to MDriven Wiki –

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WCF trouble-shoot

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – WCF trouble-shoot Your project looks something like this: Is your server running under IIS or DevServer? Check PersistenceServer project properties: Is your Client(s) pointing to this? Search your project for persistenceMapperClient this.persistenceMapperClient1.Uri … Continue reading

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Different types of bugs

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – Different types of bugs The typing-bug : You did not actually type the things you wanted to type The code-bug: Your code does not actually do the things you intended it to … Continue reading

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