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ECO for Visual Studio explained

This article was moved to MDriven Wiki – Driven for Visual Studio explained Picking the image apart piece by piece Model This is the model you produce. It is expressed in Unified Modeling Language (UML) and defines Class diagrams with … Continue reading

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Known limitations using ECO with Silverlight

I would love to just write NONE here but no… #1 When using many to many associations like: It will fail adding to this association in Silverlight. Reason: This construct creates an implicit link class (FriendExpensiveStuff) and the implicit class … Continue reading

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WECPOF, the 10 times faster way to build .net systems is replaced with WECPOF2

Last year when we assembled all the bits and pieces of work and consolidated it into WECPOF I was extremely satisfied. It is a good feeling to have a vision, work on it from many angles and in the end … Continue reading

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