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The integrated help takes the code comments from the source code files. We have low ambition to explain concepts etc in the help file itself – we much rather describe complex things in posts on this site or in supplied PDF documents. So you need to google things too to be sure to find what is available.

The VS2010 integrated help is currently not part of the install script – you can download the help setup here:


You can register Microsoft Help Viewer files manually using the Help Library Manager installed with Visual Studio 2010:

To register a Microsoft Help Viewer book using the Help Library Manager

  1. Open the Manage Help Settings tool from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010\Visual Studio Tools Start Menu group;
  2. Choose Find content on disk;
  3. Navigate to the location containing your .msha and .mshc files;
  4. Select the HelpContentSetup.msha file and click Ok;
  5. Click Next;
  6. From the displayed list, click the Add link next to the book you want to register;
  7. Click Update;

The book will then be registered in the Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft Help Viewer catalog. You can use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010\Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Documentation start menu shortcut to open the Visual Studio 2010 Documentation to view your book content.


The help is also available online here EcoHelpPublished

The help content was generated and uploaded 2011-08-29

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