Running ECO6 and ECO5 side by side

Running ECO6 and ECO5 on the same machine does not work out of the box.

ECO5 is best used with VS2008, and ECO6 is best used with VS2010 but still, installing ECO6 seems to break the ECO5 installation. What to do?

The issue seems to be the searchpath for assemblies that VisualStudio uses – the whole GAC vs Searchpath strategy in VisualStudion I will not go into here.

This is the workaround

To run ECO5/VS2008 – rename the ECO6 bin directory before starting VS2008: C:\Program Files\CapableObjects\ECO\6.0\bin  -> C:\Program Files\CapableObjects\ECO\6.0\binX

Now you can run ECO5- VS2008

Make sure to fix the bin folder name before starting VS2010…

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2 Responses to Running ECO6 and ECO5 side by side

  1. Sachin Pise says:

    Does that mean only once, after installation of ECO 6, we need to rename bin directory of ECO 6 to make VS 2008 run correctly and before starting VS2010 we again need to rename the ECO 6 bin directory back to “Bin” and for all the next runs of both ECO 5/ VS 2008 and ECO 6/ VS 2010 everything will work fine. Or every time we want to run VS 2008 or VS 2010 we need to keep renaming bin directory in both ECO 5 and ECO 6?

    • Admin says:

      No, the folders need to be set correctly to successfully run eco6 or eco5 – no folder renaming will make both work.

      The reason for this issue is a registry path setting that instructs VS2010 and VS2008 where to look for files confuse our package load.

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