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  1. Rich Wunderlich says:

    >> Oh – and no, you need not run WECPOF to use this – it is just a convenient way to >> get things done – don’t you think?

    How do you call up the report if you are not running WECPOF?

    • Admin says:

      string xmlReport = ViewModelDefinitionsInApplication.ReportXmlDefFromName(reportName, ecoSpaceType);
      XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Parse(xmlReport);
      ReportTemplate repTemp = ReportUtilities.LoadReport(xdoc, ecoSpace, theRootObject);
      Eco.Report.ReportTemplateRenderer repRend = new Eco.Report.ReportTemplateRenderer();
      FixedDocument fd = new FixedDocument();
      repTemp.Resources = rd;
      fd.Resources = rd;
      repRend.RenderFixedDoc(repTemp, fd);
      documentViewer1.Document = fd;

  2. seg says:

    I have problem with vars on reports.
    My ViewModel has:
    1. variable var_StaicText
    2 column ColStaicText with expressin = var_StaicText

    My report has static content, that have to show ColStaicText.
    But report does not show properly – this var_StaicText – on in runtime.
    What is wrong with vars?

  3. seg says:

    Another problem of reports. Styling for columns is working properly (to me) – in design time only. Not in run time. (Using WECPOF)

    • Admin says:

      Make sure you make the style xaml available in runtime. In design time we look for styles in the install directory, in runtime you want to load the styles into wecpof; _wecpof.WECPOFSkinHandling.PathToStyles = pathToStyles;
      I add my style.xaml to the project, set content as build, and copyAlways, then the style file is loaded in runtime

  4. seg says:

    I can not figure out how to make a report – for the desired list of objects (rather than a single object.). To get a proper list of objects – I use variable seeker. As a result, the report still contains all of the objects, but the report should contain only the filtered objects. The impression is that another problem with variables. Because the variable is used in variable seeker. And if on the form – I see the correct result (ie, only the necessary items), to the report fall – all objects, not just filtered.
    Can I find somewhere ready working example – the search and report on this list?

    • Admin says:

      The reports – like viewmodels – Always has a single object root. (The single object root might be null, and the you probably have a column like X.Allinstances or the like to get to data)

      Do you wish to create a report of a seeker result set: The result set is in vSeekerResult variable, the report is brought up, and the ExecuteExpressionOnShow will be executed – use this expression to copy the content of the vSeekerResult -that will be named vSender_vSeekerResult – to some transient classes ARoot and BChild and let the report handle these.

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