ViewModels with UI hints in WPF–use grid splitters

Using ViewModels with UI hints WPF is a furious fast way to get your UI in place. However there was no declarative way to introduce splitters between UI parts.

There is now.

The EAInfo parts of Modlr is built with ViewModels and UI hints, and I can show you how to add splitters:

Right click in the ViewModel designer where you want the splitter:


Choose splitter kind and you are done.

I did this for the EAInfo ViewModels, and now you have a splitter between the grids and images and things.


If you want a different color width or style of your GridSplitters – define a Style for GridSplitter type…

(works in build 5580 and beyond)

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2 Responses to ViewModels with UI hints in WPF–use grid splitters

  1. Rich Wunderlich says:

    It seems that the grids that are in between spliiters will resize the number of rows, but the grid on the bottom will not resize when the viewModelUserControl resizes.
    I just get extra space or a cut off grid that is still the number of rows specified.

    The right hand side of all controls on a viewmodel seem to grow with the resising window or grid splitter, but the ones on the bottom don’t.

    Do you have any tricks to make this happen?

    • Rich Wunderlich says:


      It resizes the grids as I would expect when they are displayed in a WECPOF window, but not when a viewmodel user control is resized inside of a grid, stackpanel, etc.

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