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What is up with all the names?

ECO – Enterprise Core Objects ECO is really a rule engine that given a UML model and a Persistence Mapper will help any .net runtime to handle the objects of that model in memory. ECO will via the Persistence Mapper … Continue reading

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SQL Azure

When using the Generate Schema and Evolve Schema with Windows SQL Azure all tables must have a clustered index. Luckily this is standard in ECO maintained databases – with one exception – the table that helps ECO to remember what … Continue reading

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Modlr plugin

A Plugin interface is an easy way to allow for you to add your own extensions. We have now extended the Plugin with yet another interface to facilitate the adding of custom ocl operations. This way the design time functions … Continue reading

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ViewModels with UI hints in WPF–use grid splitters

Using ViewModels with UI hints WPF is a furious fast way to get your UI in place. However there was no declarative way to introduce splitters between UI parts. There is now. The EAInfo parts of Modlr is built with … Continue reading

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The oclSingleton ocl operator

There is an operator in ocl that I bet you do not know about yet: oclSingleton. Use it like this: Class1.oclSingleton <and follow with operations or navigations on that single instance> If Class1 does not have an instance at the … Continue reading

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Side effects

From time to time you want to have side effects trigger when changing something in the objects. There are many valid reasons for this to happen – but it is not always the best way to solve things (just a … Continue reading

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