Silverlight 4 – Out of browser – Model driven

One reason for going for an Out of browser Silverlight application is that you get elevated permissions. You can open files from My images and the like…

So getting an image into your WECPOF/AppComplete UI like this:

WECPOF AppComplete

… only requires you to add the attribute to your ViewModel:

ViewModel Editor

… and that you also have the attribute in your model:

Model UML

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the ViewModelUserControl will not know what to do with your Blob value unless you give it a hint with a Tagged Value:


The TaggedValue need to be set in order for the logic to assume that the data in the blob is an Image. Currently this works the same way for ViewModelUserControls for Silverlight, WPF, Windows forms and I think also ASP.NET.

WECPOF/AppComplete is a prototyping and/or runtime environment for Model driven system development using Enterprise Core Objects for VisualStudio 2010. Work faster, with better quality.

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