The framework argument

Some time ago I wrote a presentation called “the framework argument”. I picked it up today and read thru the power point slides. At the time I wrote it I also made a video in which I talk a bit about each slide: 

You can download the power point slides here

I still stand for everything in there and I am convinced that most people work at the wrong level of abstraction when it comes to software development. Tradition has lead most people into a false belief that every problem is so unique that it requires hi skilled developers to do the same thing over and over again. This is both tedious and error prone. (I intentionally leave out expensive since I think that saving money is the least important effect Model-driven-development (MDD) with ECO, although very real).

Being able to lower the threshold to get going with development and getting results will start a process where you no longer are “afraid to try”. This will change the way you look at development. You will move even further away from “waterfall – big specification” to true agility with no need for prior documents at all.

The quality of the information that you produce when you develop (class models, state machines, view models) will be a live specification. One that runs/executes and produce value for you and everyone that wants to understand what you did.

This is why we registered the domain and pointed it to us.

Mixing in the common sense Domain Driven Development (DDD) strategies to actually keep an ubiquitous language between your clients domain  and your developers will not hurt one bit; and you will be considered a domain expert and not only the “IT-guy” faster than you think.

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