Constant change Model driven Software Development has moved to higher and higher levels of abstraction. From assembler to high level languages. And from there to Object Orientation. Model Driven Development is just the next natural step. CapableObjects helps you to get more done faster, using fewer resources and giving you a result that is easier to maintain and faster to evolve. How? Higher level of abstraction – no magic.
Quality Model drivenCapableObjects will help you to be “as Model Driven as possible 2015 and onwards”. Our model driven concepts for Visual Studio is not an all or nothing solution – we leave plenty of room for traditional imperative development solutions with C# code. We have been working this angle of software development for the last 10 years – and we would love to share our experiences with you.

Simplify Model drivenCapableObjects provides tools that help you capture complex concepts and facilitate communication of your ideas to others. Our tools will make you a better thinker by using  models, and our tools will help you to turn your models into running solutions. Productivity gains will enable development of more detailed systems than you dared to build before, with faster time to market.

As fast as you are model drivenUsing declarative programming together with proven language standards such as UML and OCL, MDriven Framework will allow deferral of decisions on questions such as: What database to use? MSSql, MySQL, Oracle or other? What User Interface? MVC, WPF, Mobiles, WindowsStore, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WindowsForms or other? Premature choices are not forced on you. You decide and you are allowed to change your mind whenever you must.

CapableObjects Model drivenHaving your KnowHow in a model rather than blown into pieces by a traditional code-a-lot-strategy gives you other perspectives and possibilities. The only constant is change – and with a model in the center you are prepared… Everyone will do it this way in future – you decide when the future starts for you.

Read these interviews with some of our users

“I get paid to be productive but I live for being creative – MDriven Designer merges the two – Thank you!” – When we get comments like this we know we are on the right track.

Checkout MDriven Turnkey – our AngularJS based model driven concept

Check out the concept WPF application WhenAndWhere project

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9 Responses to CapableObjects

  1. nathan says:

    Do you offer a free trial license?

    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      The main download will let you model up to 12 50 classes without a key. If you want to have more classes in your trial request a 30day eval key from support

  2. Robert Cram says:

    Is ECO still under active development? Do you get the full source code with the product license?


    • Admin says:

      Yes – under new name MDriven Framework – constant development.
      Full source available – separate license – not included in standard development license

  3. Edward says:

    Windows 8.1 VS 2010 ECO6.0 for VS 2010

    I created demo project with two classes: Autor and Article.
    Then strated Prototype and selected xml persistent.

    Then tried to add a few objects. Closed ECO debbuger and start it again.
    There is none object. The file .xml was created:

    What is wrong?

    Thank you!

    • Admin says:

      When changing the persistence mode you should also start the system with this new persistnce setting (Button “Start System”). Before you must have set the filename with a path in Xml tab.

  4. EdwarD says:

    I so do!
    Moreover, I deleted old file and system created new.
    But without results

    • Admin says:

      If you have saved data using xml persistence and the file is empty – then there is something wrong that I cannot explain based on the information provided. Maybe you can email your example to support at with repeat instructions and we will have a look.

  5. Edward says:

    Sorry for delay. I couldn’t repeat the bug on the other machine. So I think this issue may be closed.

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