The company CapableObjects RE AB has moved all activity concerning the MDriven Framework, MDriven Designer and MDriven Turnkey to MDriven AB

All new and re-negotiated contracts concerning the MDriven products will be handled by MDriven AB via the MDriven Site
(old contracts may remain in CapableObjects RE AB since we hate admin work)

Everyone that worked for CapableObjects RE AB now works for MDriven AB
MDriven AB has a wider circle of owners than CapableObjects RE AB had and we are now better equipped for growth.
MDriven AB is a privately held cooperation based in Stockholm, Sweden and Kiev, Ukraine.

MDriven AB is partly owned by the incubator firm Kvadrat Inkubik.
MDriven AB creates and maintains revolutionary tools that simplify information system development by many factors.


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Our CapableObjects keywords remain intact when moving to MDriven AB:

Constant change Model driven Simplify Model driven Quality Model driven As fast as you are model driven

9 Responses to CapableObjects

  1. nathan says:

    Do you offer a free trial license?

    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      The main download will let you model up to 12 50 classes without a key. If you want to have more classes in your trial request a 30day eval key from support

  2. Robert Cram says:

    Is ECO still under active development? Do you get the full source code with the product license?


    • Admin says:

      Yes – under new name MDriven Framework – constant development.
      Full source available – separate license – not included in standard development license

  3. Edward says:

    Windows 8.1 VS 2010 ECO6.0 for VS 2010

    I created demo project with two classes: Autor and Article.
    Then strated Prototype and selected xml persistent.

    Then tried to add a few objects. Closed ECO debbuger and start it again.
    There is none object. The file .xml was created:

    What is wrong?

    Thank you!

    • Admin says:

      When changing the persistence mode you should also start the system with this new persistnce setting (Button “Start System”). Before you must have set the filename with a path in Xml tab.

  4. EdwarD says:

    I so do!
    Moreover, I deleted old file and system created new.
    But without results

    • Admin says:

      If you have saved data using xml persistence and the file is empty – then there is something wrong that I cannot explain based on the information provided. Maybe you can email your example to support at with repeat instructions and we will have a look.

  5. Edward says:

    Sorry for delay. I couldn’t repeat the bug on the other machine. So I think this issue may be closed.

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